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    GROUPE MARCK is a French industrial group that designs and sells uniform and gear solutions to the public and private sectors in France and abroad. GROUPE MARCK offers global services to meet the needs of prestigious, demanding clients the world over.

    GROUPE MARCK INNOVATION was created in 2012 to develop innovative technical products. As an entity of GROUPE MARCK, it benefits from its vast knowledge of the global market in outfitting security and defence forces. It has the credibility to provide an effective technical response to varying needs.

    As a reliable centre for research and prototypes, it houses a multidisciplinary team, which includes a research office, engineers, an industrial designer and model makers. They all work directly with other research centres, laboratories and international universities selected for their unique features and renowned skills.

    All of our products meet stringent quality standards and are tested at certified laboratories.

    Our first patent is being filed to protect our expertise.


    Designing, creating, and developing more effective products that are compatible with all users' environmental challenges and economic constraints.

    Invention and innovation are also helped through dialogue with end users in order to better understand their concerns, needs and restrictions.

    The team at GROUPE MARCK INNOVATION holds field days with people on the ground. These field days are meant to bring about new ideas, share problems, create synergies and anticipate future needs.

    GROUPE MARCK INNOVATION is a committed partner. Please contact us to see if we can help you with your needs. Together, we can address tomorrow's challenges for security and defence.

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